About US


It all began 35 years ago…

… when Steve Papoulakis and his wife Ellen moved to our beloved River City. With big dreams to grow (literally!) a local flower business, Steve and Ellen purchased a large acreage in Ashland, sowed into the land, and waited for growth to come. With a lot of hard work in a short amount of time, their family became the flower experts and are known today as Richmond’s largest flower shop - Vogue Flowers. Initially a retail shop and the first cut-flower-market in town, Steve expanded the business into wholesaling. With connections all over the US and the world, Vogue Flowers has become the largest floral distributor in Virginia, suppling almost every florist in the Richmond area and throughout the state. Vogue Flowers is known not only for the volume and variety of product available but unbeatable, below-retail-prices available - shopping Vogue is shopping high value. Loyal to providing local blooms and a fan of the “grown-not-flown” motto, Vogue offers seasonal items grown in the area. Varieties that are out of season or can’t be grown in Virginia are sourced primarily from New Jersey, California, South America, and Holland.


Beyond by-the-bunch product and fresh cut stems, we are a full-service florist! Creativity at the heart, Vogue has always provided masterful design for any and all occasions (including weddings of course!) as well as delivery in and beyond Virginia. With high standards for excellent customer service and competitive pricing for any and all flower lovers, Vogue has become a household name in Richmond and continues to be one of the most relied on florists in the area. We are proud to be trusted by so many customers and businesses alike and it’s our pleasure to keep taking design to the next level for our patrons and prospective clients. Our motto of “Yes We Can” and our values of attentiveness, flexibility, and passion define the work that comes from our wedding department through and through!


Meet our Wedding Director!

A flower lover with 8+ years wedding experience, Lauren Ross heads up Vogue Weddings and describes her job as a real-life dream. Personally taking every client from A - Z, no bride is ever “passed around”; Lauren keeps track of all the details so clients don’t have to and makes availability and flexibility staples of the wedding department. She may be the creative behind every arrangement, but nothing would be accomplished without the expert team of designers that bring these arrangements to life - Weddings By Vogue is truly a #dreamteam. Seeing the beauty in every aesthetic, we’ll bring any traditional or contemporary look to life on your big day.